App Settings - Last Order Number to Total Number of Login

PSABH Series about app wide variables that can be used to save and track various information, can be accessed throughout all linked screens and provide synchronize information to all users.

For those who are interested to get more detail and further inspection inside the app, can join the waitlist on thread that is on my profile, but those who cannot wait and urgently need this can private message me, there is another offer that can win both parties.

This is initial version, other buttons will be enabled later.


Keep up this great series! :muscle: :muscle:

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@James_App_Maker ,

You will become the privileged subscriber (for free) automatically when the campaign becomes reality, this is long overdue for your early contribution to this forum.

When others needed a response, you were there ! :+1: :+1:

Thanks so much! You’re the real one, creating lots of cloneable apps to teach everyone. :slight_smile:

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Gratitude for keeping the conversation, let’s see what the market really offers, there is no way to harvest it when it is not ready yet. :smiley:

But at least, there has been records of what Adalo is capable of.

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New Customer ID that are 9 digits, separated by -


This can lead to easier searching to find customer.

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