App Level Variables

What is Adalo’s preferred “elegant” method to persist app-level variables across screens?
Right now I have some crude brute force passing of variables via hidden text input fields - which I need to place in the corner of the screen and overlap with a rectangle in background color.

Seems like a dirty unscalable way to create a persistent variable store for the current session that can be accessed anywhere in the app session.

I am using external users since our app needs SMS OTP validation.

Create a new screen, I usually call it “Variables”, and do not link to any other screen. Add Input boxes that you will use for persisted app-level variables.


Thanks - sounds like a useful solution. Will try and post my feedback in a couple days.

Hope the Adalo team does not break this workaround in the future. In fact, they should add an App-wide name/value dict that we can add/delete data from anywhere and use as magic text as well anywhere. That would solve this issue for many users and not force use of undocumented workarounds.

Wanted to report back that this latent screen with an array of edit boxes holding string values of app wide variables seems to work well. The variables are accessible as magic text across all screens. Thanks to @TKOTC

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