App Speed will affect my business

Hi Adalo team

I planned to launch the app at the end of this month, but the speed is too slow and i had to remove a lot of features so the app can handle it, but its still too slow to be launched at the stores.

the basic features my app provides are slow, i have premium subscription since 2 months and i supposed to finish everything this month, but with current app speed i cant do that.

i have contracts with clients to subscribe to my app once it launched but it seems impossible duo to the slow speed.

any advise? what can i do?


Hi @KenanDada,

I am planning to launch my app soon and it contains a lot of features as well. This concerns me a lot as I do not want it to affect my app either. Is it so noticeable? and does it affect performance a lot?


Less than 2 months ago the same problem accord but then it was resolved and the app became super fast.
no the same problem but Extra slow speed than the first time.

Any solution? plz

We are very aware of the recent performance issues and it is being worked on all the time by the development team. We really understand the frustrations this can cause for you and your customers and we are doing our best to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Please understand that this is not be an instant fix as it is a very complicated technical issue that may take time.


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