App Store Connect / TestBuilder Help


My app is currently pending on App Store Connect. It has a yellow dot next to it and it says prepare for submission. What next steps should I take to upload this. This is just a test version, I just want to get to know the process of it.

If you haven’t published a TestFlight build yet, follow this tutorial real quick, this will get your app published to App Store Connect under TestFlight.

It’ll take about 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your app. If you have the App Store Connect app on your iPhone, it’ll send you a push notification once it’s ready in App Store Connect.

From there, log on to App Store Connect from your computer. click “My Apps”, select your app, and this will bring you to that apps data page.

To test the live build of your app, click the “TestFlight” tab on the top. You’ll want to add yourself as a Tester. Here’s the link from App Store Connect Support on how to add an internal tester (which is what you’ll be). Make sure you use your Apple ID email for this, it’ll email you the link to download the beta (you’ll need to use the same Apple ID as your Developer Account otherwise it will think you’re an external tester (which requires App Store Review).

From there you’ll just beta test as normal with the TestFlight app. To push new betas to TestFlight just run a new TestFlight build in Adalo. You’ll get a notification from TestFlight on your iPhone when the new build is published and it’ll let you update the app on your iPhone.

Once you’re all happy with the build, just make sure all the information on the App Store tab in App Store Connect is filled out and click “Submit For Review”.

Then whenever you’re ready to publish the app to the App Store just fill out the information in the App Store tab on App Store Connect and click “Submit For Review”.