iOS app progression from TestFlight to prod

So I just saw the roadmap post about versioning and it got me thinking about how to test iOS apps over time.

Once I publish my app and it is live in the App Store, then I want to TestFlight a new version of the app (while the previous version is still live), do I just push a new version from Adalo and it automatically goes into TestFlight first? The instructions don’t seem so clear to me, so just wondering what the process is for production and test versions of apps.

For anyone who has done this before, can you share how it works for this noob? Thanks.

Hi ! I will speak about my experience.

I launched my app on iOS and when I create a new version and publish with Adalo, that publish automatically on Testflight and I just need to download. If you want to update your app and goes live, you need to create manually a new version on Appstore Connect. Adalo never publish a new version without passing trought Testflight.

But for this, you need to create an Internal Test Group on Appstore Connect and check “Add new build automatically”

And that’s work fine for me ! :slight_smile:

Thanks @devrimdmk. So you’re saying Adalo will publish to TestFlight each time by default (I already have an internal test group). And then every time I would then need to promote to App Store afterwards?

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Yes, Adalo will just send the build to Connect. After that, you need to create a new version of your app in Appstore Connect and choose your new build.

  1. When uploaded, ( in Testflight section ) your new build will show a text info with “Ready to submit”.
    You can test your app trought testflight…


  1. When your app is ready to sell, in your App home, click on + sign and create a new version.


Then in bottom, in section Build, add your new build

And thats it!

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