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Hey guys! Random question. I know that once an app is live on the App Store, any changes in the Adalo editor only affect the PWA version.

The database I’m drafting up is keeping records of orders, products, etc. Is there a way to keep a live view (on my side) of the database to keep up-to-date on these database changes? If not through the Adalo database, would it be possible through something like Airtable? Or Zapier?

Just wanting to explore my options, or if I should find another way to have access to a live database of the published app.

When you are referring to to a live view of the database, do you just mean accessing the information that is being added to the DB from the published app? If so, that is how it works today. Your app changes will only affect the PWA, but the database is fully synced with the published apps. So you need to be certain that any changes you make to the DB will not effect the function of the app.


Perfect, thank you so much!

I just wanted to know what would happen when the Database is edited on my side. The app will have hundreds of businesses in the Database, with more added daily right now. So I wanted to know if I add a business through the Adalo website Database, that it would reflect on the Live app database, and therefore, on the Live app. And vice versa with Users adding themselves to the Live Database when they sign up, and me seeing it on the Adalo website Database.

Just so I’m clear, Databases can be edited all we want and it will affect both the PWA and the Published app. (so try not to break anything). But layout changes with screens/components will only take affect once it’s resubmitted to the App Store.

So how do you deal with changes needed for both - native Apps and Olline app ?
Do you make a full copy of the App, bring modifs to the DB …for instance, than publish again the new App on the Store again ?
Or any other method to avoid re-publishing as long as posible…?

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