Live database in Native App

About to publish my app to the app store.

If I update my database records on Adalo, I presume it will also update within the native version?

E.g. If someone signs up on the native app it will register on the database. If I manually sign someone up on Adalo then they will be able to access the app on the native app. If I add a restaurant record (as I have a list of restaurants), this will update on the native app without me having to re-publish the app over and over again every time a record is added or deleted?

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Hi @Indigrodigital,

You’re right - when you change the records in the DB, these changes are available immediately everywhere (native app & webapp).

If you change the structure of the DB, the native app will not know about it (and therefore can’t use the new structure). Also, obviously, you need to update the native app when you change the logic & visuals.

Congrats with the publishing!

Best regards, Victor.


@Indigrodigital Great success! Wanna share with us to showcase a bit?


I’ll post the link to the app on this thread in a few days time for you to check out :slight_smile:

Exiting! can’t wait to see what you have built :rocket:

You can take a look at the PWA version here:

Still waiting for the tests to be approved by Play Store but should be native by next week!

It’s an app for a client who has a database of restaurants with exclusive offers, made accessible through a subscription to his yearly membership. You can subscribe in the app, search restaurants either via the map view or list search. There’s a few other features on there & many on my client’s wish list.

There’s lots of exciting plans to make this app smoother & more functional but pretty pleased with the first iteration!


Good Job @Indigrodigital :clap:,

For a minute there I thought the custom fonts feature was out of production!
You got me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

Thanks dude & haha I wish! :smile:

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