App store Rejected - Data Collection & Storage Bis

I tried to publish my application on the app store but I was refused and they sent me this message: Regarding 5.1.1, the modal alerts need to describe the use of the camera and photo in the app.

To resolve this issue, it would be appropriate to make sure it describes the use of the camera and photo.

However, I have changed the permissions in the adalo settings (see screen).

Do you know where this can come from and what to do about it?

I tried to re-submit another application for acceptance
Thank you in advance to all those who can help me, I publish here because I have potential customers waiting and it blocks me.

screen adalo2|690x388

Did you already make those changes posted in the screenshot before your first application or only after and then resubmitted?

Fingers crossed you are accepted. Apple can be very picky about certain things for being accepted to the store.

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