App Testing IPA/APK


We use installrapp ( for managing our test users and also the occasional distribution of corporate Apps which clients do not want to publish in the App Stores.

I notice in the docs we can get the APK’s but is it also possible to get the IPA’s rather than using TestFlight?


Hey @vikingrs6 we can definitely send you the IPA file to try and see if it works. At the moment we only sign apps in the App Store scheme, though, not the Ad Hoc scheme. I’m guessing this is what that would use? Or does it handle re-signing the apps?

All the same, if you shoot us an email ( with your app info I can send you the IPA to try out (or a different one if you haven’t done any builds yet).

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@jeremy you might want to update this post and let everyone know that IPA exports are no longer provided.

I wish they were since it would save me a lot of time since I need to do a private ad-hoc distribution via the enterprise program and would rather just share a file and have people trust the provisioning profile. Any plans on bringing this back in the future?

Yeah, we have plans to add support for ad-hoc and downloading the IPA file. No specific timeline yet though.

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I LOVE this and cannot wait!

any update on this. i need the ipa file!!

Hi @CopyThat, I’m afraid we still currently do not provide the IPA file. It is not a commonly requested feature. You can upvote it here: