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I uploaded my first build in the testflight mode and it worked well. Howerver, I updated in parrallel my adalo app to make some improvements.
I don’t understand now how can I add my new build version into the app store testflight ?

I would like to do the same for Google but is it mandatory to add an URL in the “Confidentiality rules” section ? I don’t have a website so far to allow that… how can I do ?

Thanks a lot !

Do a rebuild of the iOS app and the updated version with your changes will appear as a new testflight build after completing.

For android, you may have to get a temp url or website, which is a basic requirement these days. Try to create a landing page with one of those free website makers like Softr or Carrd.

For IOS, like @bhanu mentioned, just create a new build and it’ll automatically show you an “update” option on testflight

For Android, you can just use Adalo to create a website. Use a domain like: and add that for google to review.

Thanks a lot @bhanu and @aryan
I figured out the Google issue thanks to your advices !

For iOS, I don’t fully understand as when I launch a new build in Adalo, nothing is updating on my testflight screen on Apple, should I go somewhere?

I forced the actual build to stop and now I think it works, I have the new build in Testflight that is is progress.

Many thanks for your help !

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