Test Flight or preview

If I connect to the App Store and use test flight can I still edit my app with ease or is this more of an end product? I know I can use the preview but I would like other colleagues to try it out.

Hi @Econ

Somewhere more of an in between. Changes won’t reflect in real time on TestFlight. You need to ship a new version from Adalo, process and release on TestFlight. To get a new version our usually takes an hour or two.

For all of our apps, we nail down the preview first. Try and work out all the bugs, etc. Then the moment you feel static on development without feedback, get it in TestFlight for feedback. We recommend trying to structure that process, so you get as much feedback as possible, then try and ship a new version every few days. You don’t want to be shipping multiple test versions everyday, that becomes less efficient.

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