App to slow on testing mode


today I registered my app on google developer. and now it is in internal testing mode. but I found some problems when my application was installed on 2 Android phone.

  1. when I click on a button or perform any action, my app responds after 2-5 seconds. it is very slow.
  2. Space tab bar is too wide. very different from PWA.

PWA Desktop

PWA on android phone

PWA on Iphone

instalation from playstore

additional information :
I’m on the Professional Plan
and my location is in Indonesia

any advise?

This topics has been covered many, many times in this forum.

Please, do a bit of research and you will find many answers and suggestions for what you are experiencing.

yes… but not give me a solution. I try to Enable “Load Items as User Scrolls” to all screen. but no change happened.I use my own hosting to store image files, but my application is still slow.

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