Android app speed / responsiveness

Anyone have any advice / best practices on Android app responsiveness. Some of my click actions are taking nearly 30secs to link to next screens?

are you using external collections?

Nope. All in Adalo. Literally taking 30secs for a sequence of actions that take 8secs in the PWA. This is causing notifications to abandon going to the correct screen.

Performance is just odd on Android. This isn’t as big an issue on PWA or IOS.

It might be the device that you are using

ohh! maybe you can consider disabling auto-refresh on lists if that’s not needed.


This seems to have helped speed it up. Don’t think its my phone unless there is a specific issue with Samsung Galaxy.

@James_App_Maker @bhanu also getting the warning after uploading Android APK that my file has been compressed b/c it is over the file limit. Assumung this is a factor too.

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