App who creates web e-commerce for each user

Hi there, is any way to create multiple e-commerce in adalo (web) ?

The idea is that each user of my app can have their own e-commerce and sell through a URL (Web).
The app will consist in two parts, an administration app and a web e-commerce for each user.
The e-commerce would be Simple, just a list with products and a button “add to cart”.

It sounds a lot like an eBay type of site, where each user can sell their own items.

Have you checked Adalo templates? Full App Templates for Adalo No Code Web & Mobile Apps

That said, it is possible to have an app like eBay with Adalo, where each user can have its own “store” and sell their items.

Thanks charles but in the Adalo templates there is not an example of what I’m looking for

Are you planning for this to be a PWA? Because you may have some issues offering 3rd party payments, especially with Apple.

the e-commerce part should be Web (PWA).
The admin panel should be Android app

I guess to answer your question, yes it is possible to do what you are looking to do with Adalo.

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