Selling an Adalo app

So I have build a great PWA on GlideApp, but as I want to sell that app to a large niche group, Im finding that there is not a way to do that other than selling “Access” to my app.

I want to build a No Code app and sell it in the Apple and Google stores and I would expect each purchaser to have their own app and NOT share data inside the app?

Is that possible in Adalo? Sorry for the silly question, just trying to learn.

Hi @WITW ,

Possible, as Adalo does not limit how many apps you build and publish, those apps can have their own separate database.

Actually your use case where Adalo really fits in.

While you are here, probably you can spill some information why you are trying to look around other solution besides Glide.

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Well like I mentioned in my opening, I have found that GlideApp, while a good platform, is not positioned well for someone that wants to sell an individual app to users.

My niche has about 3 million users, of which I would expect no more than about 10% would purchase my app, but that is still 300K users/buyers.

In Glide you can find people to publish to the App stores, but its just a wrapper still pointing to your app and using one database either GoogleSheet or Glide tables.

Im looking for a platform to build this tool and selling in the app stores where each user would have their own app with only their data.

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The publishing to stores is very much a part of Adalo, no wrapper needed.

The normal way of doing things though is to use the Adalo database. Users data is all on one database, but of course you make it so they are only accessing their own data.

If you want just local storage on the user’s device, this is a bit uncommon, and you might want to use the local storage component from PragmaFlow. Not sure how practical that is though, Adalo is built around the database and accessing the Adalo servers.


Thanks @theadaloguy, are there any limits to the database usage in Adalo? I mean if I had 30,000 users with each user having 10 databases and 100 rows of data in some, would that be a limitation?

Has anyone here ever taken a GlideApp and converted/rebuilt into the Adalo platform? I guess I can just try to rebuild from scratch, however I may use the GlideApp for beta testing and collecting user comments before I rebuild.

I did, it wasn’t too difficult, as long as you know your way around databases all you really have to worry about is the UI of your app, it’ll take longer though, because you’d have to place every feature manually yourself.

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On the pro plan you have plenty of space, not sure the exact limit I think 20gb. You might want to consider an external database like Xano for heavy usage, it can scale well I think. For simplicity and ease of build though, using Adalo database is good.

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