Apple App Tracking Transparency - any actions from Makers' side?

What’s the latest on this… there needs to be a definitive answer for businesses reliant on Adalo that have implemented tracking that ** will fail the review.**

There has been plenty of time passed now with the new app privacy rules being live.

We have been digging in to this very thoroughly and we will have the full report on this from our perspective shortly (this week).


Thanks @Colin :pray: Love to have an update from you after this >.<

I have published our research to the FAQ section of our documentation.

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If we set up data collection, Apple as per REGULATION and guidelines it will want us to ask the user for permission via the built-in POP-UP.
Have you set this up?

Link : Apple Developer Documentation


What was the final conclusion on this?

Even with Adalo’s post, there is still doubt. Do I check that the app collects data (since we store emails) but don’t track?

Would that make it aprove?

The underlying issue is that it looks like Adalo has Facebook Flipper baked into your app ( and there is nothing you can do about it. So Adalo is collecting information about your users as Colin points out in the Required Data Disclosures (Privacy and App Tracking Transparency - Adalo Resources)

On Android it is always logging, on iOS it can be disabled by Adalo during the build process as a way to pass Apple rules.

I created a Permissions Manager component a few weeks ago, I will update it to include the ability to enable Tracking Permissions when our marketplace is back online.

Adalo uses product interaction data for Analytics, and is linked to the user’s identity. Product interaction data are NOT used for tracking purposes.

As is stated, Adalo tracks your users activities (you don’t have access to the analytics on your user, but they do), but does not use it for tracking purposes.

I hope this information helps

Yes, thats what I thought, if you are strict about it, the apps do collect and track.

That would help a ton, please let us know when its ready.


We are in final stages of testing. If you grabbed the permission manager from our marketplace before we went offline again you should have the ability to enable app tracking policy, otherwise keep an eye open for when we get back online.