Apple App Tracking Transparency - any actions from Makers' side?

Hi there,

Probably most of you have heard about Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency policies.

Question: do we (makers) need to do anything from our side, with our apps built on Adalo?

It would be great if there is some official info on that, @Colin @ashley your input is highly appreciated.


Best regards, Victor.


Hey Victor, I would also like to know the same.

I just submitted an update for an app and received a rejection message.

I got this message by declaring that we collect Email and Name from our users. Any ideas? Should there be an Adalo declaration function built into these apps to prompt the user?

Guideline 5.1.2 - Legal - Privacy - Data Use and Sharing

We noticed you do not use App Tracking Transparency to request the user’s permission before tracking their activity across apps and websites. The app privacy information you provided in App Store Connect indicates you collect data in order to track the user, including Name, Phone Number, and User ID.

Starting with iOS 14.5, apps on the App Store need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework before collecting data used to track them. This requirement protects the privacy of App Store users.

Next Steps

Here are two ways to resolve this issue:

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Exactly the same for my update !

Need help to fix it…


@Colin @James_App_Maker Guys have you spoken with the developers regarding the above? This will be an issue with all Adalo apps for iOS if the devs/app owners are collecting data on the user.

You can get around the error by proceeding by selecting you do not collect user data but in many many cases, this will not be the case.

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The team is aware of this and we will make sure that all actions that need to be taken from our side will be taken.

I’ve change my data collect informations on the App Store connect but i don’t think it will fix it …

I also changed mine and the app was approved without issues. But this isn’t ideal…

“Collect” I read this on the basis that if you are not using the data outside of normal app functions for third parties, email campaigns or analyzing the data outside of the app “no” should be ok.


I hope so!

but need to have an official solution from Adalo.

i’m confident, it will be fast as usual :innocent:

Also need a solution on this asap

I am sorry but 14.5 was weeks in beta. The Tracking Transparency policies were in the media and everybody was aware of them. So it’s not something that was unknown. Why did ADALO not work pre-active?

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The App Tracking Transparency refers to a tracking pixel to understand user behavior across apps.

So if I visited one app, I could then receive relevant ads in another app based on my behavior. It does not have to do with storing user information that has been provided via input from the user!

When reviewing your app in the store you are offered the option of if your app uses tracking. You can say NO to this unless you have incorporated some specific tracking service into your app.

We do not & have not tracked the user information that Apple is referring to when they are talking about tracking.

In any of our AdMob components, we are not inserting the UUID parameters that Apple is referring to when they talk about App Tracking Transparency — so even if someone said you could use their data to track them, we do not store that information, making personalized ads impossible (you can still receive generalized ads without the ATT turned on).

I hope that provides some clarification!


Thank you very much @Colin!

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Good morning,
so it may be okay to state that we do not collect data … and from what I understand the clause does NOT mean data storage. But only for user tracking?

the clause does NOT mean data storage. But only for user tracking?

Yes, that is our understanding of this clause.

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@Colin can I ask you to be very specific of what you are referring to? That is the reason why I ask for a 10 minutes Zoom call to explain the situation to you and your colleague. It is not so simple as you have mentioned.

If you are so sure of your clarifications, please set up a tutorial on and provide very specific information.

@Colin my experience is so far, even if i click only app functionality, Apple will fail my app approval because this is not found in the code:

I maybe wrong, please try it out your own to publish an app and select Yes, I collect data and then just select app functionality option. See whether your app pass or fail the review.


@Colin I would suggest you clarify with Apple since you are the platform provider. Let’s not speculate.


source: App Privacy Details - App Store - Apple Developer

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I fully support the doubts … we cannot rely on “we think we intended the clause that way”. You may be right, but better be sure.

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