Does Adalo-based apps collect data?

Hi All. I’m trying to submit my app to App Store and they’re asking me to answer app privacy questions. I want to know if my app is collecting data? Adalo has no guidance on this at all. You would think they would help point us in the right direction in their guide about publishing to App Store. Should I answer yes or no? I do want to collect data but don’t even know how to set that up.

Hey Lao, it’s pretty straightforward.

What information do you collect from the user in the app? How is the information used?

You just answer the questions to tell them about all of the information you collect and how you use that information.

Every app has different requirements based on its functionality.

For one of my apps, we don’t collect much information. Just email, credit card (stripe), and user content (tasks/posts). We don’t even collect their name on this app. But this is what we need.

I have an API to collect the email address to use for marketing, but the others are for functionality. All 3 data types are linked to the user’s identity.

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Hey Flawless! Thanks so much for the info. I figured it out. I appreciate your time!

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