Apple store rejection: 2.2.0 pre-release, test, or trial version

I tried to upload an app to the Apple Store and I got this back:
“Rejection Reasons:
2.2.0 Performance: Beta Testing
Your app appears to be a pre-release, test, or trial version with a limited feature set. Apps that are created for test or trial purposes are not appropriate for the App Store.
To resolve this issue, please complete, remove, or fully configure any partially implemented features. If your app is not ready for public distribution, use TestFlight to test your app.”

Despite still being fairly new to publishing my own apps, I’m not sure why this is. Could this be because I have a feedback/product request form for users to fill? Maybe the optional walk-through before creating an account/loging in? I’m puzzled, someone please enlighten me.

Here is the link to it: CycleFix Beta Copy

Thanks in advance.

Do you use the word “beta” in your app name?

Yes. Is that the dealbreaker?

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Yes I guess

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Remove the word and resubmit it. Sometimes it’s just a little thing that bothers them.

Damn, I feel dumb haha. Ok, will change that I let you know afterwards :smiley:

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Yes let me know

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