Subscription payments through Apple/ Google Play

You have mentioned a few times that this feature is coming soon (ability to create subscription payments with native Apple and Google Play store app - is there an update on this? I am suffering annoying retention issues at the moment as a result of this.


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I hope you get an answer to this. I’m sure there are many of us with apps that only need this one last functionality to either publish or optimise our Adalo apps. My worry is that there’s been no real update for a very long time. Fingers crossed though…

Hey guys, I was in contact with support Wednesday/Thursday last week. I also am hoping to issue apps requiring this component.

Last week I was told it could be between 5 days and 2 weeks before it is released, but tendency to be closer to 5 days. As far as I was told the component is built, and its more UX and Help doc tweaks before it is realised.

Im really hoping this week sometime :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply! Fingers crossed then. Any update from @Adalo?

Hi! Any update about in-app subscriptions? @David @Leaders

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@David @Leaders any update?

Hi Justin,

Please read this.

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