Loading Screen!

When I open my app via PWA on my phone, this is the first thing I see. How can I make it load the splash screen first instead?

Well depends on what type of screen navigation you have chosen
Splash screens will appear on first time access to the app on a new device
Home screens are basically landing pages on the app for logged in or "already user’

If you want a screen to appear as the landing screen you can change it to a home screen

Also, its possible to have a screen as both home screen and splash screen

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Yes, those I get but for some reason even if you have a splash screen, the screen that I posted you get first no matter what so I didn’t know if it was possible to remove it or not.

Hi @marcustaylor :wave::wave:

This screen only appearing when you are viewing PWA from your phone . But when you publish your app to the apple store or Google play store and then download the app and see the first screen is appearing (Native App). I mean the splash screen.

I think this information will help you :innocent:

Thank you :blush::blush:

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