Apps not working

Any update from the development team?

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Hi all,

I’ve filed a bug yesterday (same time I’ve posted, around 11AM UTC). I’ve got the reply from Ashley the same day that the issue could be reproduced and she’s created the ticket for dev team to fix.

I suspect that the bug is related to recent cloud provider change from Heroku to AWS. Seems not all settings have been updated properly. However it seems that @sebastas has something different…

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks @Victor for tackling this. The team is working on a solution and hopefully we will have it resolved soon! The only current work around that I have found is to remove the place holder image or do not include a place holder image file for the time being.


@ashley thanks a lot for the update!

Thanks, @Victor & @ashley, looking forward to the solution.

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Thanks everyone for your patience! This issue has been resolved by our dev team and you should now be able to place your Placeholder images back in and there be no crashes. You will need to queue a new build to fix this bug.


Confirmed fixed! Thanks for the quick fix

Default values in Dropdowns also not working @ashley :(. Always appears “Select” if max number of items is 1. Used to work fine.

This sounds like a different issue. Please start another thread or if you believe it to be a bug please send a support ticket to Submit a Support Ticket

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I think I did, not sure where I can see the tickets I have created :/.

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