Android App Issues

Hi Guys - in anyone else getting reports of extremely instable behaviour from your Android app? Our iOs version works great, however we are seeing very inconsistent performance and a lot of strange bugs from Android.

One thing we are seeing a lot of, is web view components not loading the assigned URL (or loading anything at all). I think I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere but here’s an example of what that looks like (white space should be webview loaded page):

The second really weird thing we are seeing on Android is just the app straight up not loading screens correctly. Here is our “welcome” screen and how it is supposed to look (and appears to in App Preview):

Some Android users are getting some really wonky looking welcome screens, where the text and magic text (name) on this screen don’t load at all. See below:

Example 1 (Samsung Galaxy s10):

Example 2: Huawawei

Again, not seeing this at all on iOS versions of the app, and can’t really isolate this to a paticular Android device/version since everything looks fine in the preview app and on devices we’ve tested internally. Anyone else seeing things like this?

Can you post some screens of the setup within the builder for that text? My guess would be that the “Available data” on that screen is missing and that’s why the text is not being shown. (As it doesn’t have the data to show).

Hi Colin - there is no “available” data that would be missing on this screen. It’s the first screen a user is linked to after Logging In.

There is static text and then magic text for the user’s name that is supposed to appear in the rectangle. However on Android in some cases that isn’t happening as described in previous post. When a user clicks the “Let’s Go” button there is conditional logic to send User’s to different screen depending on field values associated with each user. When the blank screen issue comes up, it appears these conditional rules also do not function.

Users who we direct to the PWA on our custom domain don’t see the same problem when accessing via PWA, but native Android version clearly has some bugs.

I tested it on my android device (Pixel 3a) and it seemed to work fine.

Do you happen to have noticed a pattern for when it does not work?

Honestly, no. We’ve had it happen with different device types, android versions, etc. It’s been really puzzling as at first we just assumed it was user error or something but we’ve doubled and triple checked a bunch of different instances (including examples provided) and there is nothing materially different from the user side of things in these cases vs regular operations.

The only pattern we have noticed, is that this is isolated to Android. We just had another user report this, from both the app and the PWA loaded in a browser:

Is this text item sitting on top of a group by chance (of the white rectangle and button)?

The text is grouped with the rectangle and the button as such:

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