Apps shows black screen suddenly in preview and pwa

Oh Adalo, you are making our lives harder, really disgusting, I’ve spend lots of time and money to develop this app, suddenly screens started to show blank. How we can believe your platform. find the videos below.

Current situation- suddenly happened. I even didn’t touch those screen and collections. you can see my designs background.

This one build today morning afternoon, it was working fine.

Hi Reyaas,

Sorry for all the problems…

The team is currently working on a fix.

Really I love Adalo platform, it’s really a very user friendly interface, I’ve tried many, but didn’t feel this much of easy in any platform, but these kind of things really put us in a scary situation. Now it’s working fine. but I lots my latest 3 screens,

@Reyaas For the “lost screens” do you have multiple editor tabs open?

No, I deleted myself thought of data linking problem…

Seems like issue is solved for me. Thanks @adalo staff

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