Does not open the preview and the pwa

Hello, is there a problem with Adalo? This app was working on the web link, now I get this error and it doesn’t open, and when I want to preview it it’s all black!

Uploading: image.png…

I same to you. Not Found.

I just entered and can’t find a solution. Show me that everyone suffers

Please fix. Also, the screens I have 140 screens seem to be very slow. The editor must be developed and divided into a folder. it would be better

Every day we find ourselves with surprise in adalo, it seems that we are not making progress, I have many apps made, tremendously slow, my clients complain day by day, sometimes the database does not save the information, sometimes they cannot enter, now that no they open … I don’t know what to tell them anymore


In fact, yesterday nothing was saved and today’s information. And now they may have a powerful update, we are waiting for the next update to be beautiful.
They also find a solution to the problem of more than 150 screens. It seems unbearably slow. I can neither edit nor login.

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Same issue here

Did someone submit a support ticket or shall I do it? Just in case the Adalo team doesn’t see that apps are also not working now.

You can check the status page here. I would submit a ticket to bring attention to the situation in case they are unaware.

Can I ask why and how is it even possible that you have 140 screens in your app? LOL If you have 140 screens you are using Adalo wrong…

It was actually used incorrectly. I have a big project. I need these screens, but I will learn and find a solution to reduce them. Because I can’t move and be slow

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In the same… Back to the routine…

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Appears that it’s back online everyone! Woo :tada:


Is there a way to find it that can guide me? I want to reduce the number of pages. Because it no longer opens in my editor.

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