Are iOS Builds publishing?

I published my build over 30 minutes ago. The counter is now in the negatives.

screencast 2021-05-31 19-29-36

Apple shows no builds:

Are builds publishing successfully?

I followed the instructions here:

And Adalo’s status page currently says smooth sailing.

What am I missing?

Hi Kmm,

Was this previously working when publishing a new build?

This is the first build I’ve pushed @James_App_Maker

I would just submit a support ticket. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes the ios build shows not built, or queued, or negative, but it is actually ready as a build on your App Store Connect page.

I also notice that even when finished on Adalo, there can be a delay before it is picked up on App Store Connect.

First thing I’d try checking it isn’t on your App Store Connect. If it’s missing after a number of hours, submit a support ticket.

Thanks @theadaloguy. Looks like Build #3 worked. Nothing changed on my end between that and builds 1 + 2 which both failed.

Not clear why it’s working now but that doesn’t inspire confidence…

The ios build display issue I’ve had with my apps before but I’ve always been able to publish. Glad you got it sorted.

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