IOS builds queued for more than 1 day

Hi, I’m trying to publish 2 apps to Apple App Store. The first one was published once in the past and worked very well, then when I tried to publish a new version 2 days ago it returned with an error. I tried to publish it again and it still queued for more than 24h.

The 2nd app I tried to publish for the first time yesterday. It still queued for more than 24h.

Anyone experiencing same problems?

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I’m having this issue in 2 separate apps. Came here hoping to find answers, unfortunately.

Not only, iOS, even Android build…

So likely something on the Adalo side then…Hope someone from the team can chime in…

FYI all, lots of the same report on this thread.

Same issue here. I created a support ticket some time ago but no resolution yet. My IOS builds terminate in errors.

Hi Guys, one of my apps finally finished the building process, but the things get worse now. The new app was not registered to App Store Connect and I’m unable to verify any log - Adalo doesn’t show the logs for finished builds. The second app that I started a new build still stuck on “Queued” status. I started a new building for both apps yesterday night - one finished without registering the app to App Store Connect and the other one still in queued status. Also opened a ticket yesterday and no response yet. ADALO really need to improve they support and need to show more details about the builds to their customers.

@Alencar same! My builds completed overnight but now I am getting the dreaded “We weren’t able to verify your App Store Connect Credentials.” when I try to build. Brutal.

Tried to create a new Testflight Build. New error:
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 10.45.12 AM

The credentials are re-veried and all are ok.

Look for the "No space left… " in the error message. Apparently some lack of space management from ADALO team. It is scary to build production apps in a tool that have this type of problem.

Yep same error here, no space left on the spaceship…

Really frustrating because I have some changes from today that would really help my users.


This issue has successfully been resolved. Feel free to trigger another build & if you run into any other issues, submit a ticket here:

Please note: several other makers will be building their apps right now, too, so if you notice your app has been queued for longer than normal, this is to be expected. If it takes longer than a few hours, please reach out.

Thank you for your patience!

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