Arrange, Bring to Front and send to back

Do these features actually work?


I find send to back and bring to front don’t work but forward one and backward one do

they seem to only work sometimes. it’s very frustrating

I am having the same issue. I can’t get the Bring to front/Send to back to work, but I can get a more consistent send backwards/forwards to work if the controls I am moving in front of or behind are grouped and then the control I am moving seems to move correctly.

I am guessing having “fewer” controls to move in front of or behind helps?

Definitely now scientific at this point, but thought I would share

Hey everyone. I have tested this with a number of components and I can not replicate. If anyone comes across the issue and can provide a screen recording that would be greatly appreciated. What I did notice is that sometimes on the screen you can not recognize the layers and it appears the component does not move forward/backward, but if you look at the component layers on the screen view (left slider) you will see that it did move.

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