Arrange, Bring to Front

Understand this is a somewhat replication of this thread:

But thought to re-animate this issue, as even though @ashley explained what is going on - the function itself just serves the same function as Bring Forward - as Bring to Front should to exactly that, bring the select object/group to the front… as now its just 10 clicks to do the job of 3 :neutral_face:

It happens when you copy and paste a shape that was in the back with text on top of it. After you paste it the text is on the bottom on the new copy. When you bring to front it doesn’t work but if you bring forward multiple times it will work

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@CopyThat Agreed,

It would be nice if they can fix this as these little bugs all add up and sometimes a feel like just creating a simple screen with a phew containers and elements can be a constant grind.


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