Help bringing items forward in my app

Hi Adalo,

With my app I am trying to have a shape in front of a video and some text in front of an image. I keep pressing “bring to front” on the text and shape but they are still behind the image and video. How do I make it so the text and shape go in front of the image and video? Thanks in advance!


in those cases I usually have the image and text grouped and make sure i’ve sent the image to the back and text to the front.

@Jrs8 a word of caution here, when you try to place one element over the other you’ll have UI alignment issues unless you group them together and set visibility conditions.

I group both of them and send the image to the back and text to the front and it still wont work.

Send to front and back is bugged i think. Try ‘bring forwards’ repeatedly until it gets to the correct position.

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