Arrange not working

I am having issues with the “Arrange” function. I’m positioning elements and the “bring to front” or" move to back" are not working. None of them are functioning. properly. Any advice?


Agreed. On Chrome and Safari the Bring forward and backward work fine, but the send to back or bring to front prompts me to change the item’s name? Weird.

Welcome to the community by the way!

I’m hoping there’s a fix. Thanks for the welcome!
I actually follow your channel on YouTube, lol. Good stuff!

This has not been fixed yet. Any ideas?

Having the same problem here. Any updates on this?

A workaround for me is to add the elements in order. I created a new screen added the background, then copy pasted my already made form, and got it on top, then moved the whole thing into my original screen and it workes.

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Fighting with this, too. It’s ridiculous that something so simple is not working. Honestly asking myself more and more: what are we (our clients) paying this platform for?


Another workaround is to arrange the objects in the Page View, it is much easier.

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You can do this by clicking on the page heading, then in the list of components on the left menu, you can click and drag the components to change which is above and belo.

Any update on a fix for this? It’s been super frustrating

it’s been a year and still haven’t fixed it?

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I usually have to log out and clear the cache to get this working again.

This was a great fix- never knew we could do that

Not working either