Assign text to specific calendar date

Hello, I am really hoping for some help. I have been reading everything possible here on on the forum about others who have tried similar things. I need to do an app that can be used by a group. Each group member present in the meeting following along on their own their own device. There are daily questions on each screen. Everyone should be seeing the same thing. The intuitive way (at least to me) would be just make a database with a date and a corresponding question. Then everyone in the group gets the same question. Each day it is a different question because the date changes. Is there no way that the app knows what the day is and can pull up the corresponding question? Does it have to be an action where the user selects the date? that seems convoluted and a lot to ask a user. Go to the calendar select the date etc.

I read one post where the solution was to build off the sign up date or initial user created date. But if someone new joins the group there is no way to sync them with this method. That field didn’t seem to be editable when I looked at the collection. So I am just wondering is it really possible that the software can’t take into account automatically the current date and produce the text that is assigned to that corresponding date? It seems that that would be very obvious feature that would be needed. Recipes per day, quotes of the day, jokes of the day etc where you need it to be a specific thing on a specific day. Random will not work for me since there will be a group that is seeing the same text each day.

I’ve been reading the forum and I just don’t see any solution that seems to be the ticket. I need a list of text items that can be filtered by date and post “today’s” item. I am kind of desperate and ready to give up at this point. Please anything you can tell me or anything that would point me in the right direction would be so much appreciated.

Just filter the list of questions based on date = start of today. Assuming multiple time zones aren’t an issue, you should be good.

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