Help with Data Structure


I am working on a scheduling app for seasonal events and I keep hitting a brick wall when trying to setup my admin panel.

The basic structure is this: Event → Dates → Positions → User Assignment.

The admin needs the ability to assign a User to a Position, but by date. For example, User 1 can have a different position for each date. I have the basic structure setup and can assign a User to a position, but it applies to all dates. I am looking for guidance on how I can create a structure where I can assign a user to a position for a specific date.

Any help would be appreciated! My head hurts from banging it on the brick wall lol. Thanks in advance.


Hi Justin,

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If you’re new to databases and relationships, I would recommend the following videos/help doc.

If you need any help after, please post the questions here.

Hi James, thank you for the response! I have been over these videos multiple times and have watched every Youtube video I could find. Logically, it makes sense, but I just cant work out how to get it to function. Unfortunately, it is just not clicking in my brain. I know this question is a bit juvenile, but I am almost ready to throw in the towel!

My flow looks like this…

  1. ADMIN creates a new DATE for the seasonal event. DATES will have a list of all POSITIONS.
  2. ADMIN creates a new POSITION for the seasonal event. This POSITION needs to be in list of all DATES.
  3. USER signs up the DATES they are available to work.
  4. ADMIN assigns USER to a POSITION for a specific DATE.

I have everything but #4 working fine. But when I assign a USER to a POSITION, I still cant figure out how to assign for only a specific DATE. My question is… Do I need to create a new, unique POSITION under each DATE? Or, perhaps a new collection called ASSIGNMENTS that links all of the fields? I tried both of those options but with no luck.

Hi Justin,

Do you mind if you PM me a cloneable app link what we’re working with?

App Settings > App Access > Copy Cloneable Link

Just sent… Thank you James!

No problem, i’ll check it out! :slight_smile: