Assigning a session to a week

Hi there,

I am building a time tracking app and need to have particular data filtered by a Monday-Sunday week.

For example, todays time entry “6hr” should be in this week 14th-20th. Then in a report I should be able to see this time entry under this week.

does anybody know the best way to have this?


Hey there @Archer

This one is kinda tough as the days that belong to each week shift every year. I’ve gotten good at figuring out how to calculate and display based on month/day/year but not by the number of the week.

In this thread, I mention how to display info based on month/day/year, if this helps:

At a minimum, you’d be able to do reports based on the day and/or month and/or year.

So thinking about how you could implement the days, you could do something similar where you put an input component and set the default value to “Start of today” with a date format of “Day of the week” (i.e., Monday) but I’m not quite sure how we’d know which week of the year it is.

Hopefully, this can get you started on it.

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