Assistance with Stripe subscription errors and questions

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to implement a recurrent (monthly and annually) subscription model on my app.

For doing so, I have a variable “Subscription” that varies from “Basic” at signup to “Subscribed”.

I connected Stripe with connect, abled test and put the secret/ private keys. I tried in “ID” to put the product (prod_) or the price (price_) it used to work with a test card 424242424242 put now it won’t work.
“An occurred occurred, please make sure your card number is correct and try again”.

Also, I have a question regarding the recurrence of payments. I can trigger actions when payment is successful, but will it be triggered monthly ? What if the payment is not successful OR the user unsubscribes ?

When subscribed, I set a variable for “Date of subscription” in the date format “From today” and have the status switching to “Basic” when “Date of subscription” if before 30 days ago. But I am not sure if this won’t contradict with the subscription and cancel it. Putting a user to Basic 30 days after even if he pays. Does Stripe manage it alone?

Moreover, do you think it’s possible to edit the Stripe form somehow?

Thank you in advance,

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I have a similar issue. I can’t get the stripe subscription form to recognize the user has saved a payment method/subscribed.

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