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Hey, I am wondering if there is anyone here who is an expert on Adalo and stripe integration. I am willing to pay for time if it gets too complicated. I want to create a subscription product or a recurring payment where the price is a custom formula based on properties in a collection in Adalo. I can’t use the conventional product creation on stripe as the price needs to be set and I am not looking for that. So I would like to have a convo with someone who knows a lot about stripe or how to code a custom API in stripe to achieve what I’m looking for.

If you need any clarification on what I mean please let me know.

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I’m not a pro at adalo, but I would be looking at zapier integrations to do most of this.

connect Adalo, Zapier, and stripe.

That’s how I’m planning to do it

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if i used zapier i can make it so that any given user has a recurring subscription payment every 30 days (not end of the month but from when they sign up) and that recurring fee can change each time?

On an ethical side of things - a recurring charge should not change every month.
From a legal standpoint, I dont think stripe will even allow it.

Stripe would be handling the subscription within stripe.
I would then tell zapier to listen for when a stripe payment was successful, input that into a ‘Subscription payment’ database (tied to a user).
When that database is updated with a new entry, you would adjust their access time.

I run on subscriptions, so I’m processing subscriptions outside of my app through stripe (through my website) and when a payment is processed, stripe will insert a new entry for completed payments into adalo.

Zapier can also listen for a new entry in an adalo database also (if my understanding is clear, again, this is how I’m going to be handling upgrades from my website), and so if you insert an entry into a ‘cancel’ database, or change a variable, then it could trigger zapier to cancel that subscription.

Make sure youre saving the appropriate variables like the subscription dates, subscription id, email for stripe if it’s different from their login email, etc.

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haha it isn’t a hidden thing it is part of my business model that the users are fully aware of, the subscription is either what they choose to pay or less (depending on various things)

thanks for the info

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I’m your guy :man_mage:


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