Clarifications About Stripe Components


I’ve used the Stripe Payments component many times without any issues, but now I’m going to start using the Subscriptions component, and have a few questions that I was unable to confirm in the forum:

  1. I’ve seen people complain about an error when subscriptions renew. While the first payment went fine, the following ones would generate a “missing payment method error”. Does anyone know if this still happens?
    Stripe Subscription Error PaymentIntent

  2. If I have different subscription tiers, and a user does an action that requires them to upgrade their subscription tier from, let’s say, the $5/month to the $10/month subscription in the app, is that possible? Or will I have to do it manually in the Stripe dashboard for each case?

  3. Can the same app have use the Stripe Payments component and the Stripe Subscriptions component at the same time? Will the user be able to subscribe to a monthly plan and then also have ad-hoc payments that he can do? Or will one of the components generate an error?

Would really appreciate if anyone knows this!

It doesn’t appear to be possible to use the subscription component and the payments component at the same time.

Does anyone know how to solve this?