Associating User Photo from User Record to a Different Record created by the same user

I have searched the forum and I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for help wise.

I have a User Database that stores a user photo and user details, I have an event database the allows users to create an event.

In the event database I am capturing the created user email address and the created user screen name additionally I have a User-created Profile image field in the event database.

So when a user creates an event in the event database, the creator’s user name, and their email is auto-added in the background to those event fields,

I would like to get the created user profile photo to shop up in the User-created Profile image field in the event database automatically.

Hi @WadeSaxton,

Did you try to create a relation Events to Users (one User can have many Events but one Event belongs to one user), and then access the User Profile image via that relation?


Hello Victor,

I did create the relationship using the following process

In my events database, I added a property, selected relationship, Chose Users, and selected one User can have many Events but one Event belongs to one user and changed the name to "Event Created User).

I then set my Image field in events to the following

Image Source - Database - Current Event - Event Created User - User Profile Picture

Checking my test events that I created my user profile picture does not appear …


Hi @WadeSaxton,

According to your description everything seems to be correct.
I checked it in the similar set up - works for me.
Could you shoot a short video showing your set up, relations, and the problem itself?

Also: if you copied & pasted the Image component, you might need to re-enter the picture source.


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