Event and user management, participant list


I am writing to ask for advice from more experts on how to better manage a database useful for creating an app that manages events.

I have made several attempts, but many things do not add up to me.

In practice what I need would be:
Creation of different EVENTS in different locations.
Each user can participate in multiple events at the same time, so each event will have its own list of participants.

Each user can dedicate whether or not to participate in the proposed events, and if he decides to participate he can access a dedicated section (one for each event)
Each event will have a dedicated chat inside it. (so the events must be separated from each other)

How can I build a solid db that keeps inside:

As it will be important that each user (user login) when SELECTING “Yes participated” and enters the dedicated section, can view the list of participants who, like him, have chosen to participate in that event (only that, not the others) .

Can anyone give me a hand or some advice on how to manage collections and relationships?

As I have done various experiments using two collections “User” and “Event” by putting various fields in relationship with each other such as “Participant user mail”, but I think this is not enough, because I have encountered various problems in showing the list (to the logged user) of the participants participating in that specific event. Or hiding various buttons from the non-participating user.

I believe it will be necessary to create a third collection, which keeps a record for each user who participates in an event. Am I wrong?

I’m doing something wrong, so I’m asking for your help.

Cheers, thanks

@pfordmedia recently made a new tutorial taht covers the fundamentals of database design. I believe this tutorial will help you: Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Database Collections, Relationships, and the Infinite Menu - YouTube

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