Async action component by gskachkov

Ive been posting a lot about how to increase the speed of apps for the user and gskachkov reached out to me and made a custom component called Async action that noticeably increased the speed on the user side that the user experiences. This works especially well for buttons that have a lot of actions attached to them. On the user side when testing it it made the experience much smoother and faster.

its he Async action on this component store made by @gskachkov here on adalo


What stuff did you use? can you share examples of the improvement you got? and does it work?

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I converted a video i took showing it to gif because i couldnt figure out how to upload a video here. The first part of the video (1) shows my original button where that button performed all the actions as normal. The second part (2) shows using the Async action button. On the user side the app is fast but it still performed all the same actions that I assigned to the Async component. I also attached screenshots on how to apply it but if you have any more questions ask @gskachkov he is the one who created this component for me after he consulted me on questions i had.

So basically it’s just a realtime action component, that can be done with countdowns…

I’m still pretty new here on the forum, but why exactly am I needing to pay extra for my app to run faster? Shouldn’t Adalo have the infrastructure to support speed? Just seems a bit confusing why I would pay to use Adalo’s service but have to pay someone else too just so it runs faster on the user end.

I don’t think that is quite correct but all i know is from user side it makes things much smoother and tolerable to use the apps. Dont know if you are using the count down list in the screenshots to assume that (i know nothing about this sort of stuff), but the count down list is a separate thing not part of async action component. Not sure how the same thing can be done with count downs because a lot of the actions I needed cant be completed on the next page with the countdown but you know more than me

Yes, I believe we can find several more workarounds for implementing the needed behavior. However, I still prefer to follow the single responsibility/purpose principle to avoid tackling side effects.

PS. Actually, this reminded me of the discussion “Is setTimeout a good solution to do async functions” when javascript didn’t support the async/await syntax :slight_smile:

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Your component would also cut 10 countdown actions into one, right?

That’s fair!

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I can say only one thing. It is a wonderful component and it helps with speed issues, which are very relevant to Adalo. I bought it today and I am very happy with this component.

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