Make your App faster with this simple component!

Hi All,

New component coming to you. This one should speed your Adalo apps significantly and is simple to use.

Depending on the size of you app this might have some drawbacks, but I think 99% of Adalo apps and PWAs will get a great speed boost from this little component.

Video here:




Wow Steven :star_struck:

You are Awesome. I will definitely try this. Thanks a lot.

Love the work you’re doing. Definitely helping the community out! :pray:

Are there any cons about this component? I have a app with around 130 screens and am thinking of putting this component in it to speed it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There should be no downside as the dataloader will work async in the background. Test it out (when I get the installer working) and it should speed it up.

If it does slow it down I have a tool that can make Apps faster for everything without any downside, but it does not work on PWA so I didn’t want to release it at large.


I was informed the installer is not working. (Thanks @James_App_Maker ) I’ll post back here when it is fixed.

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Sounds good! Thanks!

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This is awesome, I’m definitely going to use this on probably all my apps. lol

Is there any drawbacks even if apps aren’t heavy with screens, etc? Mainly in relation to having an up to 2 day review process w/ the app stores, etc.



Just Awesome!
You’re just making what we’re expecting since…
Anybody using this component? I couldn’t install it by following the video tutorials
from PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit



This is super. Hope to try it soon


Is the preloader still not installing?

Should be working now! Please give it a try and let me know how it works out.


Hi there, is it working? I don’t see differences …

Yes. You added the component and you still see the loading circles? Is this in preview mode or PWA and built app mode?

Yes, in PWA.(20 characters…)

can you send me a private message with the link to your PWA? Do you mind if I register an look?

I have a pretty slow app/game that needs that

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@Eugen with the Private Market page, I believe this is a custom list, have you selected this option?


Yes it is active. If you want i can add you as team member to test those heavy lists loading. But i guess i have to install the preloader component first

This is awesome @TKOTC! One of the things people write in the most about is their app speed. Thank you for helping our community!