A wonderful component for you!

Hello, Adalo community! I present to you a component that works miracles. What you saw before doesn’t even compare to what you see now. This component is for conversation and comments and correspondence. It is no secret that Adalo is weak at this point. In the video you will see the difference between Adalo chat and the component I created. Your application users will be really impressed by this component because :

  • it is 3 times faster than Adalo’s messenger function and it doesn’t get “tired” from the intensity of the clicks;
  • it forbids sending empty messages;
  • it allows you to wake up when the input is received and music starts playing (the code is tailored to choose the music according to your taste and quantity);
  • when the SEND icon is pressed, it stops playing and when a message is sent, the music stops and the input button returns to its place (Adalo does not have this function);
  • the code has Async actions that make the actions work harmoniously and without glitches (we are not responsible for Adalo’s own speed in providing information);
  • with this component, you have the possibility to install OpenAi to avoid missing the wrong message;
  • The design of this component can be adjusted and controlled according to your preferences and needs.
    This is one of the few codes that I share, because I admire it very much myself. More over, thanks to this component, you will understand how to better structure your database and this will help you to achieve the performance you are looking for in your application. You won’t be surprised when you get this component, you just need to have the PragmaFlow WebView component. So contact me and hopefully you will have 5 Api calls that will satisfy all the needs of your application users. Here is URL, push it and u will see real beauty:). So push hyperlink or make copy - paste the link and you will see wonderfull view. Enjoy it.


By the way, I’m showing the Android version. This is not Adalo WebWiev. The number of users is basically irrelevant. It is very important if you are building an app. And this component is connected by a so-called back-end to the Adalo databases. I understand that this may be difficult for you to understand and you may ask, but why am I selling this technology? Let it be my personal secret. It is just very good code.

Hi, very interesting. If you could integrate screenshots, explain the functionality, explain how you can get the component… I would appreciate it.
Because so far I tried to start the video but it doesn’t start.


I can integrate everything, but it’s how it calls here - input? Actually it’s textarea. You probably know what is difference? If not, with texterea, when u typing message or comment, text is breaking. So it’s good stuff. Plus I showed video where that component was working in Android, not in webView. I don’t have any doubt’s that you know what it means. Plus, how we are caliing “inside Adalo” input is working with my database structure, not so bad too. About 6-8 sec. when u sending message or comment. But with this component u are actually outside Adalo, I made back-end with own Adalo API. So basisacly it’s not simple component. Other thing - because it’s oustide Adalo, it won’t be “tired”. I noticed, taht “inside Adalo” there are some problems whith that. Plus there I made code with Async actions. Plus music randomisern (you can pick music which you want and as much as you want). Plus sound, when you klicking send button and all it’s done with code. And it’s done by myself. Plus I done good solutinios in style area. U can in easy way do your style by your own will.Like you saw I added and animations. So If you have more questions, I wil answer for you and I am glad if you liked that component mate! And these examples where showing when in database was +3K messages. And please forgive me for my broken English.

@Eugen :point_up_2: