Audio player for multiple songs

Love all of the new updates, great job Adalo team! I’m using the new audio player in hopes of controlling a playlist of multiple songs. It seems like it only allows one song at the moment. I tried using multiple screens, but when I move to the next screen, the previous song keeps playing in the background.

Also tried the same thing with the YouTube player.

Just wanted to see if I was missing something, thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!

Welcome to the forums @audiorush!

I do believe this should be entirely possible! It’s going to need quite some setup though and I would advise to follow this tutorial by @pfordmedia where he walks through a similar process to switch between images. The same principles of this video can be applied to the audio player.

I see I stupidly forgot to include the link to the youtube video! DOH!

However, I just finished making this as a test and it works! I made the app cloneable! Enjoy!

Please be aware that I paid no attention to design or any other functionality other than to create a playlist function :slight_smile:


Wow thanks @Colin I really appreciate it! I’m going to try to implement right now!

Ok I removed the playlist functionality and I was able to get my first song to autoplay through a button on my homepage. I can’t get the forward and back arrows to cycle through my songs for some reason. I’ve examined all of your settings and tried to duplicate everything on my end and it seems as if everything is there.

I have one of my song #s as 1 and the other one is 3 in the database.

Thanks for your help!

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@audiorush Have you tried cloning the example app that Colin shared? Then you can see specifically how it set up the previous and next buttons using custom lists.

Hi @Ben! Yes, I cloned it and tried to follow each step. I finally solved it by selecting the 2nd “Current Song” on this list:

I love the new cloning feature, but I think there are issues when copying components into an existing project because it doesn’t add the necessary database connections (and in this case it possibly duplicated some). In this case I only needed the Home 2 screen, so I just copied and pasted that screen into my existing project.

Also, it would help a TON if there was a way to expand all (and keep them expanded) of the left panel controls for each screen. It seems like I spend most of my time clicking on drop downs to find problems.

The other thing that would be awesome is to be able to see some type of log that shows you where the code is broken so it’s easy to isolate.

Great job on the recent Adalo updates!


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