Audio Player - Create a playlist of favorite tracks with continuous play

Hi guys,

I’m working on an audio app for a client. It is a meditation podcast to help users fall asleep. Check app here.

Among the mandatory features the client would like to have, users should be able to add a track to their favorites, and then listen to their favorites playlist continuously. I am struggling to find a way to do it with the Audio Player component.

The continuous play is one of the key features of the app so the tracks already have an ID and a “next” ID so that users can listen to the audio content of the app without interruption. Adding a favorites playlist with continuous play feature means each user would create an additional custom order for the tracks in the database.

Has anyone of you an idea of how I could do this?
Thanks a lot!

I can whip up a tutorial video later. I’ve done this.


That’d be incredibly helpful :pray:
Keep me posted,

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It will be interesting to see… :+1:

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Here you go: How to create a continuous audio player in Adalo (step by step) - YouTube

Enjoy! (Be sure to hit the subscribe button. I plan on making a lot of tutorial videos!!!)


Yes, it’s definitely a good idea.
Is it possible to play listening items in random order in audio players?

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Yeah, and you’d be able to reduce it to 1 loading screen with 1 countdown timer list of songs if you did it that way.

Next, previous, and song complete action links to song loader screen.

Song loader screen contains a list of all songs where song id is equal to song selection input.

On the Song selection input, put a rand function with the song numbers. Like, for me, i had 5 songs on that example, I’d put RAND(1,5) as the custom math formula in the input.


Thanks! Very good advice. :+1:
And thanks for the wasted your time :pray:

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Amazing! Thanks a lot for your help. Will try this right away :wink: :pray:

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I’m still having some trouble with my app (probably due to my previous settings).
Would you be ok to share your version so that I can clone it?

Already deleted it, sorry.

No worries! I’ve finally found a way to make it work :partying_face:

Not sure but I think I might have done a mistake before when duplicating the countdown lists… I think it’s safer to re-create those instead of duplicating them in order to avoid errors in the data when changing the input value.

Thanks again, this will be very helpful :+1:t4:

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Drag 2 countdowns into both previous and next screens first, then make the lists from them.

There is a known issue where duplicating custom lists keeps the filters for both original and duplicated lists.

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