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Hello, I would like to create a playlist with audio MP3. There are exercices by audio. But I would like to have a behaviour like that : the 2nd audio starts when the first audio is ended. I read a comment that is not possible with adalo. So I wonder if you implement it for now?
I don’t see anything on the interface to do so.


It’s doable in Adalo to create a playlist please follow these steps -

  1. At first you have to create a collection where you will store all the songs.

  2. Now you have to add the property in this collection like file property (where you upload songs) & number property.

  3. Then start uploading your songs and give a ID to every song let’s assume you uploaded one song and you give the ID number 1 & so on.

  4. Now go to screen drop a audio component and make that audio component as a list and then connect that list to the songs collection (don’t forget to limit the maximum number of items is equal to 1)

  5. Take input put that input on the screen and make it invisible.

  6. Now add a filter to the audio component list, in filter option you need to select the current song ID is equal to input

  7. Go to users collection create a number property and set the name as current song id

  8. Go to the audio component list and in the audio component set an action when song finish update the logged in user current song id.

  9. In update logged in user action you need to update the current song ID, so let’s say this user is listening song one so the ID is one, now when song one is finished an action will be triggered and change the logged in user current song id with the current song id

  10. Now select the default value of input to logged in user current song id

It will update the song ID every time the song is finished and audio component list keep changing according to the input (which is connected to logged in user current song ID)


Hi Thomas,

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Adding onto what @ishantanusrivastava said, I was talking to one of Adalo’s software engineers and he told me that this specific feature for the audio player is on the list. They are taking interns to do some component development work in a couple of weeks.

Hi everyone,
Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
I will try to make the @ishantanusrivastava process. That will help me a lot.
It will be the good manner to do what I imagine because by this way, it allow me to create a page for “favorite exercices”. That feature is very important because my users will be able to create their own training.
Thank you very much,
Best regards,

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