Audio player - How to get track to reset and play button to return


I have a problem with some tracks I’ve uploaded to the audio player. My app is help with learning another language. I have many short tracks that I have in a list that are the recordings of someone pronouncing the sentence I have written down. However, once I press play, the track plays nicely, but when it reaches the end, the track doesnt reset to the beginning, and the pause button still shows- and makes it look like its still playing. So in essence, once the track finishes you have to first click the pause, before it resets to the play button of you can click it to play the track again.

I have played in the actions panel when it says choose an action when the track ends, but i haven’t been able to figure out what to do to get the track to reset.

Hope someone can help!


I haven’t worked this out either!

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