How to add key feature is the audio player can remember where I ve left that I can start where I left from earlier?

  1. I’m listening track A and at time 8:52 I pause the track.
  2. Then I decide to listen track B. And at time 15:42 I stop the player.
  3. Later I return back to track A, but instead of playing it from the start, I wan’t to start where I’ve left before, i.e. at time 8:52.
  4. Similarly for track B, I want it play from 15:42.

Hi Zeeshan,

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I think this is not possible ( Not sure ). The Audio Player gives the option to store the played seconds


but unfortunately ,we don’t have a option to add that in the Audio Player. If there is a way to add it then I think you could achieve what you want!

Maybe a feature request.

Not sure if there is a workaround.

Thank you

I had a great conversation with @Ditabo about something like this.

It’s quite a long thread but this could give you a good starting point:

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Brilliant Mario and Ditabo! :muscle:

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