Auto Caps Input

Is there a way to make the input field to accept numeric and alphabetical characters but force all alphabetical characters to capitalized automatically when entered regardless if caps lock is activated or not?

Needed for VINs (vehicle identification numbers numbers)

You can do this with Javascript

You’ll need to first install the Arbitrary Javascript component by Pragmaflow: How to install the Arbitrary Javascript by Pragmaflow into your Adalo app - YouTube

Then, watch this video starting at about the 1:00 point: Splitting a string using either Javascript of Xano to see how to execute javascript functions.

You’d use toUpperCase() to capitalize all letters.


What Flawless said :muscle:

Adding some information

Example : Make Input Capital.mp4 - Google Drive

The JS:

var input = "test";
var value = input.toUpperCase();
return value;

( replace the test with the input’s value )

Or you can go with the API way too! : Abracadalo : String API | Abracadalo API Handbook