:Tada: FREE FOREVER APIs from Abracadalo!

Hey Everyone!

In this post we will cover all the FREE FOREVER APIs that Abracadalo have.

:writing_hand: Title API
Capitalizes the first letter in every word.
Example:"i love abracadalo!" βž” "I Love Abracadalo!"
Learn more here

:up: Uppercase API
Makes all letters in the string uppercase.
Example:"This is awesome :)" βž” "THIS IS AWESOME :)"
Learn more here

:abc: Lowercase API
Makes all letters in the string lowercase.
Example:"New York City (NYC)" βž” "new york city (nyc)"
Learn more here

:scissors: Trim API
Removes white spaces from ends of a string. You can choose between right , left or both side.
Example:" penguins are cute " βž” "penguins are cute"
Learn more here

:straight_ruler: Length API
Returns the length (amount of characters) in a string.
Example:"Penguins are cute" βž” "18"
Learn more here

:1st_place_medal: Starts With API
Validates if a string starts with a given prefix.
String to test: "Elon Musk" | Start with: "Elon" βž” true
Learn more here

:3rd_place_medal: Ends With API
Validates if a string ends with a given suffix.
String to test: "Elon Musk" | Ends with: "Musk" βž” true
Learn more here

AND MORE…Check our API Handbook to discover the full list of FREE FOREVER APIs

If you would like to get your free account please visit
abracadalo.com and you can sign up directly on our homepage!


That’s good, I love it, I just needed the one with the first letter in Capital letters when the user creates his account… how do you use the apps? as a custom action?
We would love for you to do tutorials on your products and APIs to make it simpler.

Santiago maybe this video can help you! For me the Abracadalo Docs is very clear and easy to setup.

But for Custom Actions work you need a Custom form because they don’t work with built in forms.


Thank you

Hello Santiago!

Tutorials are a must, you are right! We are working on a series of tutorials in order to explain how to set up and use our APIs. I hope that the will complete the series soon!

In order to use the APIs, you will need to set up a custom action in Adalo. You can see this article and then this one in order to set it up properly.

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