Modify text input to lowercase letters only


Is it possible to modify a text input, and make it all “lowercase” no matter what the user typed in?

For example: user types “Hello” → text input should update to “hello” (after a click of a button)


Hi Tom,

You can do this with Abracadalo . I will add a video. Give me some time.

Thank you

Thanks :slight_smile: What’s Abracardo?

Here’s the video :

You need to signup on Abracadalo to get the API Key :

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Wait. I just saw that you can configure any input field as “Lowercase” and that solves my problem. So I guess I won’t need the API solution…

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Can I ask where you found that?

Edit: I found it, never noticed that! Still might be worth going the api route for anyone who wants a password or email forced lowercase.

How do you do this? Could you explain where you found it?

In the “input” properties. Change the “text” to password/numbers/lowercase :slight_smile:

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I know about this but I didn’t suggest that because you can’t add Capital letters there. In your example it says if you type Hello convert it to hello. And I thought you need to add capital too and I suggest the Abracadalo way!

Happy that Lowercase option solved your question!

All the best with your app!

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Hello my friend. I advise you to use Abracadalo for this, on the vastness of YouTube and Google you can find various tutorials about this.

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